• Scott Cup entries

    The Scott Cup starts on Tuesday, 11 January using the same format as last season. There is no entry fee, so SBU master points will not be awarded. Entry form ENTRIES CLOSE ON TUESDAY, 4 JANUARY 2022 Current list of entries read more...
    Friday, 26 November 2021 by Paul Gipson
  • Diana and Ros win Border Pairs

    Congratulations to Diana Drysdale and Ros French, winners of the BABC Border Pairs. Second wereMary Millar & Morag Beaton (Kelso) with Jean Mole and Reg Drysdale third. Alan and Colin, Eric and Sue, Tony and Peter, Marilyn and Lous, and Tony and Jill also finished above average. 2021-22 Border Pairs results read more...
    Sunday, 21 November 2021 by Paul Gipson
  • Children in Need donation

    The club made a donation of £100 to Children in Need as a result of the pairs evening on Tuesday. We received the following email from Anna Gudge, EcatsBridge, who organised the simultaneous pairs: Dear Tony Thank you so much ... that’s really lovely and please would you thank everyone for their support (including you of course !) With best regards Anna EcatsBridge has been responsible for donations over £1,000,000 since the sim pairs started in 2002. More details read more...
    Saturday, 13 November 2021 by Paul Gipson
  • SBU Ranked Pairs on 28 November

    There are six tournaments for the different masterpoint bands - all are Red Pointed and one of them is for you. Enter on the SBU website. Kennedy: Novices/Club Masters (BB$7.50, 11-2pm, 24 boards) Johnston: Local/District Masters (BB$9, 11-3pm, 28 boards) Jesner: Masters/Senior Masters (BB$10, 11-4pm, 32 boards with a 45-minute break at halftime) Fairlie: Regional/Scottish/National Masters (BB$15, 11-6pm,48 boards with a 90-minute break at halftime) Bowman: Life/Senior... read more...
    Thursday, 11 November 2021 by Paul Gipson
  • Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs

    Diana Drysdale and Ros French were the best scoring Berwick pair in CiN Sim Pairs yesterday evening with 65.90%, currently in 17th place overall. Mike Halsey and David Campbell were second best and currently lie 38th with 63.07%. Ann Love and Julian Bales, Tony Reed-Jones and Chris Orchard, and Bron McWhinney and Penelope Davidsonalso scored over 60%. CiN full results Commentary written by Julian Pottage (PDF) CiN donation page read more...
    Wednesday, 10 November 2021 by Paul Gipson
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