• Well done again, Sandy

    Following on from winning the Senior Camrose trial, Sandy Duncan has qualified to represent Scotland Seniors in the European Teams Championship in June after a weekend's trial on RealBridge. Although Sandy, playing with Bob McPaul, finished in second place behind Mike Ash and Robert Ferrari in the trial, they finished top when the carryover from the Senior Camrose trial was added. Good luck in Madeira. read more...
    Sunday, 16 January 2022 by Paul Gipson
  • Diana and Ros win Border Pairs

    Congratulations to Diana Drysdale and Ros French, winners of the BABC Border Pairs. Second wereMary Millar & Morag Beaton (Kelso) with Jean Mole and Reg Drysdale third. Alan and Colin, Eric and Sue, Tony and Peter, Marilyn and Lous, and Tony and Jill also finished above average. 2021-22 Border Pairs results read more...
    Wednesday, 12 January 2022 by Paul Gipson
  • Calendar change - Charity Challenge and Calder Martin 5

    There is a change to the previously published calendar for March and the following two Thursday evenings have been swapped. Calder Martin 5 will now be on Thursday 3, March 2022. Charity Challenge Simultaneous Pairs will now be on Thursday, 17 March 2022. read more...
    Thursday, 06 January 2022 by Paul Gipson
  • 2021-22 Scott Cup draw

    Round Date 1 Tuesday, 11 January Bales v Smithson Marlow v Breckons Smith v Gipson Price v Mole Edney v McCreath 2 Tuesday, 25 January Breckons v McCreath Mole v Smith Edney v Price Bales v Gipson Smithson v Marlow 3 Tuesday, 8 February Edney v Marlow Gipson v Price McCreath v Smithson Breckons v Smith Bales v Mole 4 Tuesday, 22 February McCreath v Gipson Smith v Edney Breckons v Bales Mole v Marlow Price v Smithson 5 Tuesday, 8 March Smithson v Edney Price... read more...
    Wednesday, 05 January 2022 by Paul Gipson
  • Player promotions

    The following have been rising up the master point ranks: Elaine Kilgour - Club Master Stuart Breckons - Club Master Christine Anthony - District Master Angela Hutchinson - Club Master Jill Connor - Master Jane Frier - District Master David King - 1-star Master read more...
    Thursday, 30 December 2021 by Paul Gipson
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