2020 Berwick Congress

The Berwick Congress is a popular and friendly one-day congress held annually on a Sunday around the end of April or start of May.

The 38th Berwick-upon-Tweed Bridge Club Congress provisional date is Sunday 26 April 2020.

The Congress welcomes all EBU and SBU members, unaffiliated players, plus anyone from further afield who is in the area, but pre-entry is required as we cannot accept entries on the day as we are usually full. Entries are limited to 26 teams/54 pairs.

(The entry form will be available in January)

The Congress is a two session event: the afternoon session, starting at 1pm, is an Open Pairs Championship with duplicated boards played across all sections and computerised scoring across the field.

The evening session, starting at about 5.30pm, is a Swiss Teams event with four 6-board matches. Duplicated boards will be played in all matches with computerised scoring. An Australian movement will be used so that every teams' home table remains the same throughout the session.

An excellent meal is provided between the afternoon and evening sessions, taking the form of a hot buffet, a vegetarian option, and some salads. In view of the start-time, and for some people lengthy travelling time, we provide soup and rolls before the start.

The profit from the Congress (and often a little more), after prize money, is normally given to a local charity of the Committee’s choice. Last year £500 was donated to The Grove School, a state special school for children who have complex learning needs.

If you want further details of the 2020 congress, please contact congress@berwickbridgeclub.co.uk.

Congress brochure (PDF)

Berwick Rugby Football Club telephone: 01289 306416


Congress results


 A list of pairs winners is available here.

   A full list of teams winners is available here.

Congress Pairs

George Martin and Brian Thomas


Congress Swiss Teams

Sandy Moor, Garneth Ellis, Brian Griffiths, Louis Moore 


Congress Pairs

Joan and Tom Dowie


Congress Swiss Teams

Shona and David Anderson, Tom Bagnall, and Andrew Harborow


Congress Pairs

Margaret and Jimmy Phin


Congress Teams

Liz Barr and Ritchie Thompson, Norman and Bett Morrison


Congress Pairs
Fiona Greenwood & Veronica Guy



Congress Teams
George Martin, Brian Thomas, Derrick Peden, Malcolm McCardle


Congress Pairs
Brian Thomas & George Martin


Congress Teams
Reg Drysdale, Jean Mole, Ros French, Diana Drysdale


Congress Pairs
Veronica Guy & Moray Jeffrey


Congress Teams
Reg Drysdale, Jean Mole, Ros French, Diana Drysdale


Congress Pairs
Peter & Martin Stephens

  Congress Teams
Catriona Gardiner, Jane Harper, Elizabeth Peckham and Jane Miller


36th Berwick Congress 2018

Once again the congress was expertly directed by Julia Palmer and moderately scored by Paul Gipson. Everyone seemed to enjoy the catering and the congress ran smoothly and on time.

Rosie and Rodger

Rosie Crockett and Rodger Urquhart - second in the pairs


Liz and Ritchie

Liz Barr and Ritchie Thompson - third in the pairs


Bett and Norman

The Morrisons - fourth in the pairs



35th Berwick Congress 2017

This year's congress was expertly run by Julia Palmer and scored by Ian Ross.

Berwick Congress Pairs winners

Congress Pairs winners - Margaret and Jimmy Phin, with President Garneth Ellis

Congress Teams winners

Congress Teams winners - Liz Barr, Norman Morrison, Bett Morrison, Ritchie Thompson

Many thanks to all the Berwick members who helped make the congress a success.

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