The Borders Association of Bridge Clubs (BABC)

The Borders Association of Bridge Clubs (BABC) has six members:  Berwick BC, Duns BC, Jedburgh BC, Kelso BC, Ormiston BC (Melrose), and Peebles BC. The presidency of the association is currently with Berwick for 2021-23.

The association normally runs two events during the year: the Border Pairs, typically in November; and in February, the Border Teams competition.

Louis Moore is the current Berwick representative on BABC, with assistance from Jean Mole.

The 2021-22 Border Pairs will be held on Bridge Base Online on Sunday, 21 November 2021.

Provisionally it is hoped that the 2021-22 Border Teams will be held on Sunday, 20 February 2022 at Gala Rugby Club, organised by the Berwick club with help from the Ormiston club. This is dependent on Government regulations, social distancing policy and any restrictions from the venue.


2021-22 BABC Border Pairs

The Border Pairs will run on Sunday, 21 November 2021 starting at 1pm on Bridge Base Online (BBO). It will be matchpointed pairs over 26 boards.

The format will ensure a single winning pair: it will be a clocked Howell if there are 40 pairs or fewer; and an unclocked tournament otherwise.

The Border Pairs is open to any bridge player resident in the Borders area who is a member of a Berwick-upon-Tweed BC, Duns BC, Jedburgh BC, Kelso BC, Ormiston BC or Peebles BC. A member who is not resident in the Borders area but plays regularly at the club may also play.

The cost will be BB$4 per person payable upon BBO registration on the day. The tournament will be run by SBU_E_BER and local master points will be awarded on the Area scale.

This event is being run by the Berwick club and you must pre-register so that an even number of pairs is ensured for the event. Pre-registration closes on Friday, 19 November.

Pre-registration can be done in two ways:

Please note that you must register and pay on BBO between 11-12.55pm on the day of the event.

Current entry list

Prize money with 40 pairs

Place Prize per person
1st 35
2nd 25
3rd 15
4th 10
5th 5



Constitution and minutes


2020-21 Border Teams result - congratulations to Diana Drysdale, Ros French, Jean Mole and Reg Drysdale who beat Jane Smithson, Trish Frew, Christine and Ian McCreath into second place after they met at the top table in the final round. There were six Berwick teams in the top ten.

2020-21 Border Pairs result - congratulations to Ann Love and Julian Bales who manages to push the holders, Brian Thomas and George Martin, into second place. It was a good year for Berwick as club pairs took three of the four prizes and six of the top ten places.

2019-20 Border Teams result - congratulations to Marion Mead, Dorothy Moore, Marilyn Hodgson and Marguerite Robson who won the event by 4VP. Sandy Moor, Susan Wight, Louis Moore and Brian Griffiths finished in fourth place and Tony Houghton, Nicola Corbyn, Graeme Bone and Jill Connor were equal fifth.

2019-20 Border Pairs result - congratulations to Brian Thomas and George Martin who won the event by less than 1% from Louis Moore and Brian Griffiths. Janet Beattie and Margaret Patterson were joint third.

2018-19 Border Teams result - congratulations to Christine and Ian McCreath, Brian Griffiths, and Louis Moore who won the BABC Border Teams. They finished 19VP clear of the defending champions, Ros French and George Martin, Jean Mole and Reg Drysdale.

2018-19 Border Pairs result - congratulations to Jean Mole and Ros French who comfortably won the event from Tony Oates and Peter Calder.

2017-18 Border Teams result - congratulations to Ros French & George Martin and Reg Drysdale & Jean Mole on winning the event. Jo & Bill Rowley and Brian Griffiths & Louis Moore were fourth, one place ahead of last year's winners.

2017-18 Border Pairs result - congratulations, once agan, to Brian Thomas and George Martin on successfully defending their title. Marguerite Robson & Ann Ross were fourth.

2016-17 Border Teams result - congratulations to Joan Tait & Marion Mead and Marguerite Robson & Dorothy Moore who won the title convincingly.

2016-17 Border Pairs result - congratulations to Brian Thomas and George Martin who won. Marilyn Hodgson and Jo Rowley were third.

2015-16 Border Pairs result - congratulations to Jean Mole and Reg Drysdale who finished second.

2015-16 Border Teams result - congratulations to Brian Griffiths & Rita McCreath, Christine & Ian McCreath who finished second.

1st Borders Charity Simultaneous Pairs

The 1st Borders Charity Simultaneous Pairs was held on Thursday, 6 July 2017. It was organised by the Peebles Bridge Club in association with a number of bridge clubs in the Scottish Borders.

A hand commentary was provided by Paul Gipson. It was assumed that most participants would be playing Acol, with a weak no trump and weak two bids in the majors.

The Berwick-upon-Tweed Bridge Club made a donation to the Grenfell Tower Appeal.

Hand commentary (PDF, two hands per page, 16 pages)

Hand commentary brochure (PDF, print out double-sided and fold, 4 pages)


Berwick result

Interclub results (click on the link and select the Interclub button)

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