SBU 20-lesson course


The key aim of this course is to develop novice bridge players willing to play in a club environment after 20 lessons!

To learn to play bridge in 20 weeks, albeit as a novice, is an ambitious undertaking. For that reason, the learning materials provided are designed to be comprehensive for the topics in the course and presented in a user friendly style. Students may not be able to attend all 20 lessons of the course so should this happen; the learning materials should allow the student to catch up.

Finally, but most importantly, learning to play this great game must be enjoyable and fun

Term 1

Lessons 1-10: Covers elementary card play, scoring and bidding up to game based on high card points and suit fits.

Term 2

Lessons 11-20: Covers ways of contesting and disrupting the opponents’ auction plus pre-emptive and higher level bidding.

2024-25 course dates

At the moment we have no classes scheduled, but please contact us to express interest.

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Summer 2023 tips

This is a series of bridge tips to keep you amused over the summer. There will be a page or two of information on the selected topics which I hope you will find useful.

The topics are:

  1. Terry's carding tips Part One
  2. Terry's carding tips Part Deux
  3. Defences to one no trump
  4. Simple competitive bidding
  5. Responding to simple overcalls
  6. Forcing or not (and reverses)?
  7. Slam bidding
  8. Defence to a short club
  9. Michaels Cue Bid and Unusual No Trump
  10. Takeout doubles and responses
  11. Defence to multi two diamonds
  12. Further reading and other resources

Any questions just contact Paul.

Internet resources

Learn Bridge Bidding in 5 Minutes (Peter Hollands)

Oasis Bridge Tuition - videos for beginners and novices

Tricky Bridge - a free app to learn bridge (available for Android and Apple)

NZ Teaching resources

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