All individuals over the age of twelve years interested in bridge activities are welcome to apply for membership of the Club. Juniors, those under 25 on 1 January 2023, pay half price membership and half price table money.

Membership of the club enables you to participate in the wide and varied competitions run by the club and simultaneous events run by the East District and the Scottish Bridge Union (SBU).

From September 2023 there is a new paperless process for joining, or rejoining, the club. Contact Paul, our Honorary Secretary, if you need help with this process. An important part of this process is that you accept our Privacy Policy.

The club has two membership classes:

  • Home members: these members pay the SBU membership fee through the club and typically live within commuting distance of the club. The SBU membership fee is £12 for 2023-24.
  • Away members: these members belong to another SBU club through which they pay their SBU membership, or are direct members of the SBU.

The club membership fee for all members is currently £1 (2023-24).

Brief description of the club calendar

Traditionally, which now means pre-lockdown, we met twice a week at the Berwick Parish Centre. As we've become a club that supports both online and face-to-face members, for this coming season we are playing on BBO on Tuesday evenings (SBU_E_BER runs the tournaments) and at the Berwick Parish Centre on Thursdays.

Every evening from September counts towards multiple club trophies (we have a lot of trophies!). Most trophies are won with the best number of scores over the season, for example the Royal Bank counts the best six scores from ten evenings, so it doesn't matter if you don't play them all.  Actually you can ignore the competitions completely and just play whenever you want without restriction except for the team evenings. About half the competitions are handicapped which spreads the winners around the club.

We are not mixing events between BBO and the Parish Centre, with the major pairs and team championships being run at the Parish Centre.

Aside from the team events, we have one special event that runs throughout the year, the Grindon Trophy. Players are encouraged to play with different partners on each evening and the winner will have results with at least four different partners. You can still play with your regular partner on these evenings, but you will be ineligible to win the event and we'd prefer if you mix with the other players. You may get asked by others :)

The club website always has the latest calendar and results.

Entries for the Tom Woodman teams on some Tuesdays are open until early October: however, if you wish to be a substitute then just contact Christine.

The only restricted Tuesday event is the Tom Woodman teams: due to BBO's handling of team events and the need for an even number of teams, players pre-enter at the start of the season and teams are fixed for the season. However they often need substitutes, so you may get a game.

New members receive an invitation to sign up for our Pianola system: the main benefit of a Pianola account is that you can control the personal information that the club holds about you. It is not needed for results, but it is needed to use the Partner Finder although most club members still use Christine!

Finally, please play as much as you like.

If you have any questions, just drop the Secretary an email or contact any Committee member.

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