BBO results

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Tuesday 24 March Reg's Ravers 54-25 Penny's Players
Kate's Killers 14-51 Tony's Terriers  
Thursday 26 March Reg's Ravers 48-10 Tony's Terriers
Jane's Jesters 31-6 Trish's Tricksters 
George's Giants 54-10 Nigel's Knights   
Tuesday 31 March Reg's Mob 17-25 President's IV
Tony's Triers 40:30 Jane's Jesters  
Sue's Soupers 13-29 George's Giants  
Tony's Terriers 30-16 Nigel's Knights  
Thursday 2 April Chris' Chargers 22-23 Ann's Angels
David's Devils 12-26 Jean's Jokers  
Tony's Terriers 27-23 Trish's Trees  
Eric's Exotics 15-35 Len's Lions  
Sunday 5 April Berwick Bridge Club Individual
Tuesday 7 April Penny's Pandas 30-10 John's Jasmines
Morven's Minxes 4-33 Ian's Irises
Tuesday 7 April Berwick A 18-12 St Albans A
Berwick B 7-54 St Albans B
Berwick C 22-8 St Albans C
Berwick D 38-34 St Albans D

Berwick 85-108 St Albans
Thursday 9 April

Ann's team 18-12 Not Nigel's team
Ros's Roses 31-39 Christine's Chrysanthemums
Len's Lupins 35-27 Peter's Pansies
Sue's Snowdrops 14-25 Jo's Japonicas

Friday 10 April

Berwick 26-44 Loreburn

Tuesday 14 April

Berwick I 28-34 Kyle of Lochalsh I

Berwick II 41-21 Kyle of Lochalsh II 

Thursday 16 April

Ann's gang 41-41 Nigel's gang
Jane's Jokers 45-21 The Rest
Penny's Pennies 53-15 Peter's Pounds

Stuart's mob 33-9 Sue's gang
Reg's Reds (13-12) (13-0) 26-12 Tony's Blues

Tuesday 21 April

Berwick A 19-27 Marmion A

Berwick B 1-29 Marmion B

Berwick C 31-50 Marmion C

(I mistakely started match 2 as
aggregate but have converted
the scores to IMPs)

Thursday 23 April

Nigel's Knights 12-41 Kate's Crusaders

Marion's Maidens 11-60 John's Jesters

Peter's Party 28-24 Jane's Jokers

Trina's Troopers 41-7 Margaret's Madams

Ros's Realists 25-29 Colin's Crackers

Ann's Gang 9-16 Tony's Terrors

Tuesday 28 April

Berwick A 16-19 Dunbar A

Berwick B 25-16 Dunbar B

Berwick C 34-18 Dunbar C

Berwick 75-53 Dunbar

Thursday 30 April

Louis's Mob 8-25 Margaret's Gang

Anne's Lot 20-9 Reg's Mob

Tony's Tourers 1280-460 (aggregate) Colin's Clowns

Helen's 4T 56-2 Penny's Poppers

Jane's Jokers 21-14 Christine's Chancers

Tuesday 5 May

Jeremy's Jewels 45-19 Sue's Stars

Jill's Jokers 6-18 Kate's Crackers

ryleport 37-22 woking

Len's Lot 45-22 Helen's 4T

Reg's Rebels 41-29 Colin's Corkers

Tony's Trumps 28-14 Jane's Jokers

Thursday 7 May

Berwick A 5-53 Deva A

Berwick B 20-57 Deva B

Berwick C 12-23 Deva C

Berwick D 29-59 Deva D

Berwick E 10-11 Deva E

Tuesday 12 May

Elaine's extra 18-39 Nigel's numpties

Morven's mob 36-18 Margaret's mates

David's farm 9-43 ryleport

Angela's angels 19-41 The Unknown

The Js 13-56 The ABCs

Jane's Jokers 16-28 Diana's Diamonds

Thursday 14 May

Berwick A 42-20 Dundee A

Berwick B 32-11 Dundee B

Berwick C 13-28 Dundee C

Berwick D 13-11 Dundee D

Berwick E 37-21 Dundee E

Tuesday 19 May

Marilyn's Marvels 13-24 David's DCs

Margaret's Mayhem 21-47 Helen's Havoc

Trish's Tricks 19-46 Christine's Contract

John's Jesters 24-25 Angela's Angels

Reg's Racers 22-36 Colin's Chancers

ryleport 31-21 cyclinor

Thursday 21 May

Berwick A 18-14 Colinton Castle A

Berwick B 3-33 Colinton Castle B

Berwick C 23-35 Colinton Castle C

Berwick D 32-27 Colinton Castle D

Berwick E 40-50 Colinton Castle E

Berwick F 12-56 Colinton Castle F
This match was originally scored
in total points in error.

Berwick 128-215 Colinton Castle

Thursday 28 May

Berwick A 11-32 Kyle of Lochalsh A

Berwick B 30-20 Kyle of Lochalsh B

Berwick C 38-3 Kyle of Lochalsh C

Berwick D 31-24 Kyle of Lochalsh D

Berwick 110-79 Kyle of Lochalsh


Berwick I 44-26 Morpeth I

Berwick II 8-49 Morpeth II

Berwick 52-75 Morpeth

Tuesday 2 June

Berwick A 21-10 Loreburn A

Berwick B 17-27 Loreburn B

Berwick C 29-9 Loreburn C

Berwick D 54-0 Loreburn D

Berwick E 23-18 Loreburn E

Berwick F 30-2 Loreburn F

Berwick 174-66 Loreburn

Thursday 4 June

Play & Learn session

Saturday 6 June

Matchpoint pairs tournament

Thursday 11 June

Berwick 6-25 Cape Town

Berwick 19-14 Durban

Berwick 29-7 Johannesburg

Berwick 13-31 Pretoria

Berwick 22-13 Knysna

Berwick 26-34 East London

Berwick 115-124 South Africa

Saturday 13 June

cross imp pairs

Tuesday 16 June

John's Jokers 36-28 Trish's Trumpers

Kitty's Calvary 30-48 Linda's Legends

Peter's Phenomenon 40-23 Cathy's Collective

ryleyport 50-21 reg2mole

Newcastle 45-22 Gateshead

Marilyn's Magic 26-51 Jeremy's Jewels

Thursday 18 June

Berwick A 30-23 Rugby Village A

Berwick B 64-13 Rugby Village B

Berwick C 15-42 Rugby Village C

Berwick D 13-31 Rugby Village D

Berwick 122-109 Rugby Village

Jane's Jokers 12-61 Stuart's Stalwarts

Len's Leapers 22-43 Price's Pride

Saturday 20 June

matchpoint pairs

Tuesday 23 June

matchpoint pairs

Thursday 25 June

Marilyn's Magicians 32-26 Elaine's Eagles

Peter's Pushers 28-21 Jude's Jewels

George's Gophers 61-17 Tony's Terriors

Marion's Magic 54-13 Reg's Rockets

ryleport 42-15 kingwotan

Trish's Tricksters 28-10 Prices' Pride

Saturday 27 June

cross imp pairs

Tuesday 30 June

Berwick A 46-7 Melville A

Berwick B 5-39 Melville B

Berwick C 19-25 Melville C

Berwick D 32-29 Melville D

Berwick E 16-26 Melville E

Berwick F 55-8 Melville F

Berwick 173-134 Melville

Thursday 2 July

Play and Learn tournament

Saturday 4 July

matchpoint pairs

Tuesday 7 July

matchpoint pairs

Thursday 9 July

Louis's Lemons 37-40 John's Jaffas

Guy's Gladiators 16-50 Angela's Avengers

Marion's Mafia 48-21 Colin's Conquerors

Reg's Rogues 48-19 Trish's Tricksters

Prices 44-46 Stones

ryleport 41-34 fishsam

Saturday 11 July

cross imps tournament

Tuesday 14 July

matchpoint pairs tournament

Thursday 16 July

Berwick A 29-24 Cape Town I

Berwick B 15-63 Port Elizabeth

Berwick C 48-14 Durban I

Berwick D 13-46 Durban II

Berwick E 46-43 Cape Town II

Berwick F 6-39 Johannesburg

Berwick 157-229 South Africa

Odds 29-19 Evens

Apples & Pears 22-29 Pips

Saturday 18 July

matchpoint pairs tournament

Tuesday 21 July

matchpoint pairs tournament

Thursday 23 July

cross imp pairs tournament

Saturday 25 July

cross imp pairs tournament

Tuesday 28 July

matchpoint pairs tournament

Thursday 30 July

cross imp pairs tournament

Saturday 1 August

matchpoint pairs tournament

Tuesday 4 August

matchpoint pairs tournament

Thursday 6 August

Play & Learn III



League team performances


Berwick A Berwick Bears

Lost to Iconoclasts 12850-15200
Sandy Moor/Penny Davidson; Perry Vassie/Tony Houghton;
Louis Moore/Marilyn Hodgson; Kitty Home Robertson/Garneth Ellis

Lost to Pinkhill Pandas 12010-12590
Christine McCreath/Ian McCreath; Trish Frew/Christopher Smith;
Brian Griffiths/Tony Oates; Jane Smithson/Morven Stone

Lost to Diamonds 12800-15440
Sandy Moor/Penny Davidson; Perry Vassie/Tony Houghton;
Nicola Corbyn/Marilyn Hodgson; Kitty Home Robertson/Garneth Ellis

Lost to Carlton Camden 13260-14010
Christine McCreath/Brian Griffiths; Trish Frew/Christopher Smith;
Peter Calder/Tony Oates; Jane Smithson/Morven Stone

Lost to Unusual Suspects 9270-10250
Sandy Moor/Penny Davidson; Perry Vassie/Tony Houghton;
Nicola Corbyn/Marilyn Hodgson; Kitty Home Robertson/Garneth Ellis

Beat Gullane 13560-12310
Christine McCreath/Brian Griffiths; Trish Frew/Jane Smithson;
Peter Calder/Linda Warcup; Ian McCreath/Morven Stone

Beat Kelso 12650-11050
Sandy Moor/Garneth Ellis; Perry Vassie/Penny Davidson;
Jean Mole/Janet Beattie; Graeme Bone/Jill Connor

Beat Brave Knaves 14030-10480
Christine McCreath/Brian Griffiths; Trish Frew/Christopher Smith;
Peter Calder/Tony Oates; Jane Smithson/Morven Stone

Lost to Randolph 12230-18770
Sandy Moor/Garneth Ellis; Perry Vassie/Tony Houghton;
Marilyn Hodgson/Kitty Home Robertson; Ann Love/Julian Bales

Lost to Jethart 10960-11410
Christine McCreath/Brian Griffiths; Jane Smithson/Christopher Smith;
Peter Calder/Tony Oates; Morven Stone/Linda Warcup
Beat Dunbar 15370-11960
Sandy Moor/Garneth Ellis; Perry Vassie/Tony Houghton;
Marilyn Hodgson/Kitty Home Robertson; Jean Mole/Penny Davidson
Beat Ormiston 14740-11870
Christine McCreath/Brian Griffiths; Trish Frew/Christopher Smith;
Peter Calder/Tony Oates; Morven Stone/Jane Smithson
Beat Peebles A 11570-10150
Jean Mole/Janet Beattie; Perry Vassie/Tony Houghton;
Garneth Ellis/Penny Davidson; Graeme Bone/Jill Connor
Beat NOTSIMOC 11900-9680
Christine McCreath/Brian Griffiths; Kate Mole/Margaret Patterson;
Peter Calder/Tony Oates; Morven Stone/Trish Frew
Lost to Comiston 12810-13540
Jean Mole/Janet Beattie; Perry Vassie/Tony Houghton;
Garneth Ellis/Penny Davidson; Marilyn Hodgson/Kitty Home Robertson
Beat Longniddry Bees 11540-10590
Christine McCreath/Jane Smithson; Trish Frew/Morven Stone;
Peter Calder/Tony Oates; Morven Stone/Christopher Smith
Orion Marmion A
Dumfermline B Acolytes


2018-19 League team results

2017-18 League team results

Handicapped results

2016-17 season

The Pearson Pot, Grindon Trophy, and Calder handicapped results are found by looking at the evening's result and clicking the 'Handicapped' link at the top of the page. From 1 January 2017 the same will be done for the Tom Woodman.

 08/12/16 Tom Woodman 3    24/11/16 Lindsay (Individual)
 17/11/16 Tom Woodman 2    24/11/16 Lindsay (handicapped)
 27/10/16  Tom Woodman 1     01/09/16 Open Cross IMP Pairs
       08/09/16 Open Cross IMP Pairs 


2015-16 season

The Pearson Pot handicapped results are found by looking at the Pearson Pot result and clicking the 'Handicapped' link at the top of the page.

 07/04/16 Grindon Trophy 7  05/05/16  Calder Trophy 8   28/04/16 Tom Woodman 7   26/11/15  Lindsay (Individual)
 03/03/16 Grindon Trophy 6  21/04/16 Calder Trophy 7  31/03/16 Tom Woodman 6   26/11/15  Lindsay (handicapped)
 04/02/16 Grindon Trophy 5  17/03/16 Calder Trophy 6  25/02/16 Tom Woodman 5      
 07/01/16 Grindon Trophy 4  18/02/16 Calder Trophy 5  28/01/16 Tom Woodman 4      
 03/12/15 Grindon Trophy 3  29/10/15 Calder Trophy 4  10/12/15 Tom Woodman 3      
 05/11/15 Grindon Trophy 2  15/10/15 Calder Trophy 3  19/11/15 Tom Woodman 2      
 01/10/15 Grindon Trophy 1  24/09/15 Calder Trophy 2  22/10/15  Tom Woodman 1       
     10/09/15 Calder Trophy 1          
 03/09/15 Open Pairs              

2014-15 season

07 May 2015   Grindon Trophy 7
30 April 2015   Calder Trophy 8 
23 April 2015   Tom Woodman 7
16 April 2015   Calder Trophy 7


Berwick Congress

Results can now be found on the Congress page.

NEBA matches

The Berwick Club is the traditional host of the SBU East District against the North East Bridge Association (NEBA) match.

Ian Rankin writes -"The solid silver cup is called the 'Newcastle Journal Bridge Challenge Cup' & matches appear to have been held every year since 1956 except for 1968 & 2008. Originally they were tripartite matches between NEBA and the Western & Eastern divisions of the SBU, but the Western District dropped out in the mid-eighties". 

Clive Owen adds "Actually for many years there were four teams playing. The [SBU] Central District also participated but never won. It used to be a two day event with a dinner on the Saturday night. With the increased demands of a modern bridge calendar Central and West dropped out. It was the blue riband of the NEBA calendar and everyone played their strongest teams unlike now. I don’t know about 2008 but virtually certain that in 1968 the competition will have taken place but the winners will not have engraved the trophy".

2020 Results

Due to the coronavirus pandemic a shortened event was held on Bridge Base Online on Sunday 5 July.

NEBA A 60-32 East District A (scorecard, travellers, cross imping)

NEBA B 36-64 East District B (scorecard, travellers, cross imping)

2019 Results

East District A 143-67 NEBA A

East District B 143-108 NEBA B

2018 Results

NEBA A 127-65 East District A (scorecardtravellers)

NEBA B 122-81 East District B (scorecardtravellers)


Year Winners B team winners
1956 East District  
1957 East District  
1958 NEBA  
1959 West District  
1960 NEBA  
1961 NEBA  
1962 NEBA  
1963 East District  
1964 West District  
1965 West District  
1966 NEBA  
1967 West District  
1968 Unknown  
1969 East District  
1970 West District  
1971 East District  
1972 West District  
1973 West District  
1974 East District  
1975 West District  
1976 East District  
1977 East District  
1978 East District  
1979 East District  
1980 West District  
1981 NEBA  
1982 East District  
1983 NEBA  
1984 East District  
1985 West District  
1986 NEBA  
1987 East District  
1988 East District  
1989 East District  
1990 East District  
1991 East District  
1992 East District  
1993 East District  
1994 NEBA  
1995 NEBA  
1996 NEBA  
1997 NEBA  
1998 NEBA  
1999 East District  
2000 NEBA  
2001 East District  
2002 NEBA  
2003 East District  
2004 East District  
2005 NEBA  
2006 East District  
2007 East District  
2008 Unknown  
2009 East District  
2010 East District  
2011 East District  
2012 NEBA  
2013 East District  
2014 East District East District
2015 East District East District
2017 East District NEBA
2019 East District East District
2020* NEBA East District

* 24-board online match

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