Is bridge expensive?

Friday, 30 November 2018 by Paul Gipson

It is all relative.

Jeff Bayone owns and runs the Honors Bridge Club in Manhattan, New York. It costs $65,000 a month in rent for the space used by the club (it can hold 60 tables and has a large kitchen) and so table fees are a little more expensive than Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Afternoons: $33 with lunch, evenings $27 with dinner

Weekends: $28 with lunch, mornings $27 with breakfast.

Every session comes with a meal. They serve 2,000 a week. Coffee, cake, fruit, frozen yogurt too. Wine and cheese Friday evenings.

It's $65 to park your car near the club for the three-hour session.

People who live in the area think this is excellent value for money and they average 25 tables per session. There are approximately 10 teaching tables per session and you can also play canasta, Scrabble, and chess at the club.

If you are visiting New York City, then I recommend visiting the club and you might find that playing bridge is your cheapest night out!