Tom Woodman Trophy


Handicapped teams of 4, played over 7 Thursday evenings, the best 4 placings to count. One substitute is allowed per evening. Pairs to be drawn for teams.

Presented by Peter Calder.

Prize money: 1st = £32 (per team), 2nd = £16, 3rd = £8.

For the online 2020-21 season, the event is being run as a Swiss Teams and prize money is to be decided.


2022 Jane Smithson, Morven Stone, Ian Guthrie & Louis Moore
2021 online Jean Mole, Reg Drysdale, Jane Davey & Tony Oates
2020 Not awarded due to coronavirus pandemic
2019 Marilyn Hodgson, Jo Rowley, George Martin & Brian Thomas
2018 Ros French, Colin Edney, Kitty Home Robertson & Susan Smith
2017 Ros French, Colin Edney, Ian Guthrie & Louis Moore
2016 Christine McCreath, Rita McCreath, Marion Mead & Andrew Plenderleith
2015 David Elder, Jean Mole, Janet Beattie & Brian Griffiths
2014 Brian Thomas, George Martin, Morven Stone & Jane Smithson
2013 Pam Thomas, Andrew Plenderleith, Marjorie McDonald & Tony Oates
2012 Marion Mead, Perry Vassie, Pat McQueen & Kelvin Butler
2011 Marion Mead, Perry Vassie, Jean Mole & Christine Rowell
2010 Marion Mead, Perry Vassie, Margaret Patterson & Terry Harris
2009 Mike Rowell, Patricia Frew, Joan Tait & Sheila Pearson
2008 Colin Edney, Reg Drysdale, Ann Ross & J Dougal
2007 Mike Rowell, Patricia Frew, Kitty Home-Robertson & R Smith
2006 Margaret Patterson, Terry Harris, Kelvin Butler & Perry Vassie
2005 Joan Tait, Sheila Pearson, B Atkinson & Christine McCreath
2004 Colin Edney, Reg Drysdale, Kitty Home-Robertson & R Smith
2003 Margaret Patterson, Terry Harris, Ann Ross & Marjorie McDonald
2002 Pat McQueen, J Dougal, Terry Harris & J Gregson
2001 Colin Edney, Reg Drysdale, T Morgan & D Sample
2000 Marguerite Robson, Betty Kelly, Christine McCreath & Kitty Home-Robertson
1999 Sheila Pearson, S Roberts, George Martin & Val Martin
1998 Marguerite Robson, Betty Kelly, J Gregson & I Jinks
1997 Colin Edney, Reg Drysdale, Val Martin & S Roberts
1996 S Harrison, J Archbold, Diana Drysdale & Robin Pearson
1995 George Martin
1994 Linda Douglas & Jill Robson