Beginner Plus lessons

Thursday, 19 December 2019 by Paul Gipson

Jean Mole's series of lessons will begin on Wednesday 8 January at the Parish Hall from 2-4pm. 

The lessons are aimed at those who have completed a beginners course or play in a local club. It will bring more structure and consistency to your game and improve your playing skills and is open all club members and members of the Coldstream and Duns clubs.

Please let Jean know if you are interested by signing up on the notice board or emailing her at

The Parade car park is typically busy during the day. You will need to display a parking disc, set at the time you arrive, in the car park or in the parking around the area. Parking discs cost £1 and you can get one from the library, tourist information and customer information offices on Walkergate.

The club is supporting this training and the cost is £1 per lesson.