2024 Summer bridge

Friday, 12 April 2024 by Paul Gipson

Ready for some relaxed summer bridge?

We're excited to announce summer bridge sessions at the Parish Centre starting Thursday, 23 May and running until Thursday, 29 August.

Here's what makes summer bridge special:

  • Friendly and Social: These sessions are all about enjoying the game and connecting with fellow bridge enthusiasts.
  • No Partner Needed: A friendly host will be available to help match you with a partner, so you can just show up and play!
  • Free to Play: No table money will be charged, making summer bridge an accessible option for everyone.
  • Focus on Learning: With no master points awarded, non-playing directors or hosts can offer guidance and support to less experienced players, just like on Monday afternoons.

Prefer online bridge?

We've got you covered! BBO Summer Bridge starts on Tuesday, 21 May and runs until Tuesday, 27 August (with a break on Tuesday, May 28th for the AGM).

  • BBO Partnership Desk: Find a partner quickly and easily using the built-in BBO tool.
  • Master Points Awarded: Earn points for your online bridge prowess.
  • Cost: The BBO session fee remains at BB$2.

Whether you prefer the in-person atmosphere or the convenience of online play, there's a summer bridge option for you!