Online bridge teams

The club has four teams playing in national competitions from September 2021. The system cards are in PDF format.

FRENCH - Scottish Online League

Ros French and Jean Mole - system card

Brian Thomas and George Martin - system card

Christine and Ian McCreath - system card

Penny Davidson and Perry Vassie - system card


BERWICK - SBU Bronze League

Julian Bales (c) and Ann Love - system card

Sarah Davidson and Peter Calder - system card

Catherine and Peter Ross - system card


BERWICKERS - SBU Bronze League

Tony Houghton (c) and Nicola Corbyn - system card

Nigel Marlow and David King - system card

Kitty Home Robertson & Christopher Smith - system card


QUARANTEAM - SBU Bronze League

Jane Smithson and Trish Frew

Kate Mole and Margaret Patterson

Christine McCreath

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