Thanks to Terry

Friday, 30 April 2021 by Paul Gipson

The club purchased its dealing machine in 2007 and yet only a handful of club members have ever seen it. However everyone has benefitted from its purchase, probably without thinking where all the boards come from every week and why there are different hands from the ones they played the previous week.

The answer is Terry Harris. The dealing machine has been carefully stored, and producing board sets, in Norham all this time. Terry, with occasional help from Ros French, has been sneaking board sets into and out of the Parish Hall ever since the machine was purchased.

The pandemic has given Terry the opportune time to retire and the Committee was keen to recognise all the time and effort that Terry has selflessly dedicated to the club. With the help of Ian and Christine McCreath, it was decided that a tree (betula utilis jacquemontii, a White Himalayan birch), would be a suitable and welcome gift.

Terry has responded:

Dear Christine

What a surprise! Totally unexpected - and undeserved. Please thank the committee/club for their kindness. I've searched on-line and the tree looks delightful. Looking forward to getting it planted. Site nearly prepared, just a bit more to do and then it can go in. (I've read again all the advice on how to plant a tree!).

All the best