New club members

Wednesday, 22 September 2021 by Paul Gipson

We have a number of new players at the club who have joined to participate in our online events, so please say hello if you play them.

Walter (wewing35) has usurped Sandy's position of having the lowest SBU number in the club and is our only three-digit member. His home club is Perth.

Mike (mikehal), Trish (triviam) and David (westwoodd) are also from the Perth club. They are friends of Christine and Ian McCreath.

Ian (lairigru) and Jim (usp272) are from the Glenrothes club. Also friends of Christine and Ian.

Jane (jcburton), Marjory (mgrac), Ritchie (tamson) and Rodger (rodger01) are from the Dunbar club.

Chloe (chloe2509) and David (davidt123) are part of Paul's junior squad. They are practising online in preparation for next year's junior internationals and will be playing in the Tom Woodman.

Welcome all!