Good start for the online teams

Thursday, 23 September 2021 by Paul Gipson

Our Bronze teams have all started well.

BERWICK (Julian, Ann, Sarah, Peter Calder, Catherine and Peter) have beaten DiamondBreakers (+4), LargsVikings (+42) and Northern Lights (+65). Their first loss was to Quaranteam.

BERWICKERS (Tony, Nicola, Nigel, David, Kitty and Christopher) have beaten NorthernLights (+43), Quaranteam (+23), Diamondbreakers (+28) and LargsVikings (+60).

QUARANTEAM (Jane, Trish, Christine, Kate and Margaret) are also in the same division and won their first match by 58 imps before losing to the Berwickers. They beat Buccaneers1 (+49) and Berwick (+31).

Current Bronze table

Our team in the sixth division of the Scottish Online League, FRENCH (Ros French, Jean Mole, Perry Vassie, Penny Davidson, George Martin, Brian Thomas, Ian McCreath & Christine McCreath) also won its first match beating Glekin by 16 imps.

They lost to Sweeney (-8).

SOL results