Calder-Martin results

Sunday, 05 May 2019 by John Smithson

Because the Calder is handicapped and the Martin isn't, the pair who win one don't necessarily win both - however, this year the 'double' has been achieved by George Martin and Jean Mole.  Runners-up in both competitions were the same, with Graeme Bone and Jill Connor achieving this in their first full season in the Club, and likewise third place was a 'double' for Marion Mead and Dorothy Moore.  Fourth place in the Martin went to Colin Edney and Ian McCreath, while in the Calder David King and Nigel Marlow just pipped Sheila Pearson and Marguerite Robson by virtue of a better seventh placing.

Congratulations to the winners, and overall to the twenty pairs who played the number of evenings (six) required to qualify for this trophy.  Although this was one fewer than last season, the total number who played, including those who didn't play sufficiently often to qualify, was slightly up on last season.