BBO starter lessons

Monday, 14 September 2020 by Paul Gipson

Starting on BBO can be quite intimidating, so I am going to run a couple of starter sessions on Tuesdays on 7pm, starting on Tuesday 22 September. This is just for new and inexperienced players.

In order to participate you need to do four things:

1. Register on BBO ( and get a username (do this well in advance of the session) - this YouTube video shows how: Registering on BBO

2. Make me a friend on BBO. I am paulg and the registration video shows you how to do this.

3. Tell me your BBO username.

4. It will also be helpful if you have watched the YouTube video about friends and chatting to them: Friends and chatting on BBO

Let me know if you are interested, preferably with your BBO username so that I can find you when you log into BBO.

If you have problems registering, then send me an email.