2021-22 season

Tuesday, 24 August 2021 by Paul Gipson

All members should have received the President's letter about the new season and the club programme.

The Committee has decided that the club will only offer online bridge until the end of the year and  intends to restart bridge in the Parish Centre in January 2022 if the conditions are right.

The calendar has been radically altered to split the season into two, so that we do not mix online, face-to-face and (potentially) hybrid events. The following events will be run to completion from September to December on Bridge Base Online: 

McDonald Cup - cross imps pairs on Tuesdays;

Wilf White Trophy - matchpointed pairs on Tuesdays; 

Pearson Pot -  matchpointed handicapped pairs on Thursdays;

Tom Woodman Teams on Thursdays.

The season will start with an Open Pairs on Tuesday, 31 August and an Open Swiss Teams on Thursday, 2 September, both at 7pm. The events cost BB$2 and you must register in the two hours before they start.

The Swiss Teams will be eight two-board rounds, assuming we get sufficient teams. You can turn up as a team; or as a pair and we’ll find you teammates (in the worst case, they’ll be robots). A short video on how to register for the Swiss Teams: https://youtu.be/IukUcjnGMnE

We will not be using BBO Video Chat during the season.